Ways to Serve

Below are a few ways you can be involved in serving our church and the community.

Pray. During this critical time in our lives, and in the history of our nation, we need to turn to the Lord and rely fully on Him. Click here for a guide to prevailing in the battle of prayer that may help guide your times in prayer.

Care for One Another. As soon as you think of someone, consider calling, texting, or messaging them right then! As the Lord brings people to your mind, immediately reaching out to check in and offer prayer will no doubt be an encouragement to them and will help avoid the possibility of forgetting to do it later

Connect on Your Community’s App. Some communities use social media platforms, such as the app “NextDoor, to discuss issues pertinent to the community. Consider joining your community’s network and offer the hope of the gospel, ask for prayer requests, or even host digital Bible studies for interested individuals.

Call/Text a Neighbor. Call or text your neighbor(s) to check in, and ask if you can pray for them. Invite them to join us via online or in-person on Sunday at 9:00am details on our website, www.southdurham.org. Pray for them, and ask the Lord to allow the conversation to continue.

Shop for an Elderly Neighbor. Do you have a neighbor for whom shopping for essentials or picking up medication may be a blessing to them? Consider texting or calling them to see if you can help make a grocery run on their behalf.

Interested in Helping out Refugees. If you want to volunteer to help those in need in our community, please email Aaron@southdurham.org if you are interested in serving or finding out more. 

Donate Funds for Food.  Donate to one of the NC food banks click here to see locations accepting donations. 

Donate Blood. During health crises, one way healthy individuals can care for the community is by donating blood. Click here for information from the Red Cross on locations and times.