What is a Weekender?

The Weekender is the first step to getting plugged into to ministry at South Durham Church. In the class, you will:

  1. Hear the story and mission of South Durham Church
  2. Learn the biblical basis for church and church membership
  3. Get connected to community and ministry
  4. Enjoy refreshments and a Q&A with some of our leaders

How do I know if South Durham Church is right for me/my family?

Here’s one process you could follow:

  1. Attend worship 2–4 weeks in a row
  2. Participate in a Q&A session after worship one week
  3. Come to a Weekender
  4. Try out a Community Group and Ministry Team*, and have your kids try out SoDu Youth, if applicable

*The SoDu Kids team is members-only for the safety and security of our classrooms.