Song Lyrics

For Sunday, November 27


Father Long Before Creation

Father, long before creation
Thou hadst chosen us in love
And that love, so deep, so moving
Draws us close to Christ above
Still it keeps us, still it keeps us
Firmly fixed in Christ alone

Though the world may change its fashion
Yet our God is e’er the same
His compassion and His covenant
Through all ages will remain
God’s own children, God’s own children
Must forever praise His name

God’s compassion is my story
Is my boasting all the day
Mercy free and never failing
Moves my will, directs my way
God so loved us, God so loved us
That His only Son He gave

Loving Father, now before Thee
We will ever praise Thy love
And our songs will sound unceasing
‘Til we reach our home above
Giving glory, giving glory
To our God and to the Lamb


All Must Be Well

Through the love of God, our Savior
All will be well
Free and changeless is His favor
All is well
Precious is the blood that healed us
Perfect is the grace that sealed us
Strong the hand stretched forth to shield us
All must be well

Though we pass through tribulation
All will be well
Ours is such a full salvation
All is well
Happy still in God confiding
Fruitful if in Christ abiding
Steadfast through the Spirit’s guiding
All must be well

We expect a bright tomorrow
All will be well
Faith can sing through days of sorrow
All is well
On our Father’s love relying
Jesus, every need supplying
Yes in living or in dying
All must be well


Come Thou Long Expected Jesus

Come thou long expected Jesus
Born to set Thy people free
From our fears and sins release us
Let us find our rest in Thee
Israel’s strength and consolation
Hope of all the earth Thou art
Dear desire of every nation
Joy of every longing heart

Joy to those who long to see Thee
Dayspring from on high appear
Come thou promised rod of Jesse
Of Thy birth we long to hear
O’er the hills the angels singing
News, glad tidings of a birth
Go to Him, your praises ringing
Christ the Lord has come to earth

Come to earth to taste our sadness
He whose glories knew no end
By His life he brings us gladness
Our Redeemer, Shepherd, Friend
Leaving riches without number
Born within a cattle stall
This the everlasting wonder
Christ was born the Lord of all

Born Thy people to deliver
Born a child and yet a King
Born to reign in us forever
Now Thy gracious Kingdom bring
By thine own eternal Spirit
Rule in all our hearts alone
By thine all-sufficient merit
Raise us to Thy glorious throne


Sermon: Hope–Promised Proclaimed

Bible Passage: Psalm 110

O Come, O Come Emmanuel

O come, O come Emmanuel
And ransom captive Israel
That mourns in lonely exile here
Until the Son of God appear

Rejoice, rejoice
Shall come to thee, O Israel

O come, Thou, Dayspring from on high
And cause Thy light on us to rise
Disperse the gloomy clouds of night
And death’s dark shadow put to flight

O come Thou rod of Jesse free
Thine own from Satan’s tyranny
From depths of hell Thy people save
And give them victory o’er the grave